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How to Shop with Us

FGM Cabinetry offers our customers two ways to shop with us. You can either choose the the traditional way - fill out the order form in Excel and send to us or you can try the super convinient online shop.

The traditional way

Cabinetry industry is a very traditional industry, we do understand that some of our customers may have been shopping with Excel order forms for years. We will try our best to maker sure you get the best customer service from us.

Step 1 : Choose the door style you like

Step 2 : Check your need and choose the right skus and add to your order form, if you have any question click here for online instruction.

Step 3: Submit your order form

Step 4:Wait for our account managers calling you to confirm the detail of your order, your order will be delivered in 5 to 8 days

Try our new online shop!

Unlike most of other wholesalers, FGM cabinetry built our own online store just for improving the shopping experience of our customers. We think the direct online purchasing is easier and more convinent and more important, we do think shoppnig experience is important for wholesale!

Step 1: Log in with your dealer account

Step 2: Click the door style you like to purchase

Step 3: Choose the cabinet catagory (Base, Wall   or Corner & Pantry)

Step 4: Choose the specific catagory (regular or vanity) and skus (e.g. B15) from the top right drop - down menus.

Step 5: Click the yellow button of " add into the shopping cart“ to see the current order and price.

Step 6: After finishing the order, click the

button on the top right of your page to check.

Our employee will give you a follow up call to reconfirm your order information.

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